Neo-Supreme Covers

Many people looking for seat covers for their vehicles like the Neoprene material used by many seat cover manufacturers. What they often don't realize is that Neoprene has some major disadvantages to it. Among them those disadvantages is a strong Rubbery odor that comes off of the Neoprene material and the Neoprene material fades more quickly than other materials, making it difficult to justify the premium prices some custom seat cover manufacturers charge for Neoprene seat covers.
Ruff-Tuff Products has chosen to carry an alternative to Neoprene called Neo-supreme, which does not have those same disadvantages to it, but still feels and looks very similar to the real Neoprene seat covers. These custom fit, American made, high quality seat covers protect your car or truck's interior while giving you the extra padding and comfort as well as a nice water resistant seat cover to protect your seats from spills.
The Neo-Supreme seat covers are not mass produced assembly line products. They are custom designed to fit your car or truck's exact specifications and are available with a 1/8" Black Trim on the sides and back of your seat, with your choice of 6 great colors for the insert of your seat.
If there is a manufacturing error with your order, the experienced Ruff-Tuff Products' production team will supervise your re-order, placing it at the front of the manufacturing process to guarantee a 2-3 day completion time. You won't find this type of dedication to quality or service anywhere else.

Prices starting at $277.20(pair of buckets or bench)

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