Saddle Blanket Covers

Our durable and attractive Saddle Blanket seat covers,commonly referred to as "Indian blanket" or "horse blanket" have proven to be a favorite among ranchers, farmers, and truck enthusiasts who have proven that these seat covers will last through the years. Saddle Blanket seat covers provide you with long lasting protection and attractive design and are guaranteed to fit like a glove at a fraction of the price of other custom seat covers. Unlike mass-produced seat covers, Ruff-Tuff Product's Saddle Blanket seat covers feature top of the line materials, master craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality not found anywhere else. Saddle Blanket seat covers were the original product that Ruff Tuff produced. They are still a real favorite.

Constructed of a heavy duty, sun and mildew resistant polypropylene fabric with double stitching, the color coordinated thread and tailored corners allow them to outlast the typical universal fit seat cover often found in chain stores.

Whether you are driving a brand new car or truck and want to protect your vehicle's original interior, or if you drive an older vehicle in need of some beautification and protection, these Saddle Blanket seat covers provide a custom fit that is guaranteed to not slip, slide, snag, or stretch out the way mass-produced seat covers tend to do.

Unlike the mass-produced seat covers, Ruff-Tuff Products Saddle Blanket seat covers are designed, cut, and stitched to meet your vehicle's precise specifications. A perfect fit is guaranteed. If there is a manufacturing error made on your order, Ruff-Tuff will move your replacement order to the front of the manufacturing process to ensure a rapid completion time. You won't find that kind of service or commitment to quality anywhere else.

Your Saddle Blanket seat cover accessories (ie the headrests, armrests, and pockets) come in high quality, color-matched vinyl, providing you with a stylish appearance as well as a quality product. Ruff-Tuff Product's Saddle Blanket seat covers are durable, attractive, and will provide your car or truck with years of protection and beauty. If you can dish it out, these Saddle Blanket seat covers can take it.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash only, cold water, use mild detergent. Drop-dry only. No bleach or bleach products.


Prices starting at $146.55(pair of buckets or bench)

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