Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers

While all of the other seat covers from Ruff-Tuff Products are made exclusively from American made materials, our Sheepskin seat covers feature only the highest quality, genuine Australian Merino, one-inch sheepskin pelts. Known for its superior feel and durability, your Australian Sheepskin seat covers will provide your car or truck's interior with many years of plush comfort and durable protection. Once you get your Sheepskin seat covers, your vehicle can be as comfortable as your favorite recliner with the extra padding and quality workmanship that come with all Ruff-Tuff seat covers.

While mass-marketed seat covers may be less expensive, they do not offer the perfect fit or high quality craftsmanship that have become the hallmark signature of Ruff-Tuff seat covers. Each Ruff-Tuff sheepskin seat cover is custom designed to the configuration of your vehicle's seats. Sheepskin seat covers will protect your car or truck's interior while providing you with the ultimate in comfort. By protecting your interior, you can better maintain its resale value and its appearance.

Order bucket or bench sheepskin seat covers that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer while providing incredible comfort year round. Ruff-Tuff Products offers Sheepskin seat covers in 11 different colors, giving you more choices in designing your vehicle's interior. These seat covers are made out of 100% genuine Sheepskin with full sides and skirts, and they are custom cut to fix your exact vehicle.

Prices starting at $440.00(pair of buckets or bench)

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Charcoal 26 Camel 80 Black Silver 81 Sand 82 Mushroom 83
Pearl 84 Pewter 85