Tweed Covers

Tweed has always been an indication of class and durability. Tweed seat covers from Ruff-Tuff Products are no exception. Our custom fit tweed seat covers are not only made from the highest quality American made materials, but are also cut to your vehicle's precise specifications to ensure your satisfaction and a perfect fit for your car or truck seats. Instead of purchasing multiple sets of mass-marketed, lower quality seat covers over the years, invest in the long-term beautification and protection of your car or truck's interior with tweed seat covers from Ruff-Tuff Products.
Less expensive tweed seat covers tend to snag, sag, and slip. This leaves your vehicle's interior vulnerable to damage making it uncomfortable to sit on and looking less than desirable. By custom fitting each and every tweed seat cover to fit like a glove, your seats will have a new, fresh, and custom look. These exacting standards and the extra padding used to craft our tweed seat covers ensure your comfort for many years to come.
At Ruff-Tuff Products, we pride ourselves on our superior level of customer service. If by chance there is a manufacturing error with your order, Ruff-Tuff Products will supervise your re-order, pushing it to the front of the manufacturing process to ensure a 2-3 day completion. You will not receive this superior treatment from any other seat cover manufacturer!
The tweed fabric is tightly woven providing superior wear along with comfort. The fiber content is 100% polyolefin with acrylic backing. It is UV stable and flame resistant. Tweed fabric can be cleaned with water-based cleaning agents for water-based stains and with solvent cleaners for oil-based stains. These seat covers also come with flame retardant foam padding with a scrim backing giving you optimal comfort and protection for your seats.
The tightly woven, durable nature of this material makes it ideal for heavy use while maintaining its superior fit and feel. Order your tweed seat covers with velour sides and back for a more elegant look, or you can order it with Sof-Touch sides and back for a more luxurious look, or with Dura EZ Care for a more sporty look. You can also order the entire seat in the tweed material.
Whichever design you select, you can be assured that you will have a form fitted seat cover that will look great on your car or truck!

Care Instructions:
Hand wash only, cold water, use mild detergent. Drop-dry only. No bleach or bleach products.

Prices starting at $277.20(pair of buckets or bench)

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